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Art & Culture

"Today, our creativity is reflected in Italian design, which isnt't merely the creation of objects to be admired for their aesthetics, but is also present in our technology and our capacity to innovate, recognized the world over."

Andrea Canepari, Ambassador of Italy to the Dominican Republic


We trully believe that culture is what makes us who we are. Culture is the key to the Italian creativity. 

Fedegari collaborates with partners and friends on projects that challenge us to explore the spirit of creativity.

At the end of the day, after inventing and creating revolutionary machines, we devote ourselves to our hobbies with the same passion.


We shape stainless steel into forms that defy the logic of industrial production, inventing objects, many of them carved from solid stainless steel bars. In this way we blend 3D- design, precision machining, and manual finishing, in order to share with our friends our passions.


The result? Unique and original pieces.

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